Star Wars (D6) - The Esurient Void: Mos Eisley Stories

Welcome to the Hive

Disparate destinies have converged upon the spaceport Mos Eisley on the backwater desert world of Tatooine.

Three turncoat Imperial troopers (the now-infamous “Blue Squad”) have, through a sequence of events the true dimensions of which remain a mystery to them, found themselves marooned on Tatooine. As luck (good or bad?) would have it, they have swiftly found themselves a patron in the newly risen right-hand man to a powerful local crime syndicate: a twi’lek named Bib Fortuna.

With the expectation that they will be available to him for the “occasional odd job”, Fortuna has established the squad members, along with their new friend, a Rodian named Zazzo, in a speeder sales and repair shop in the heart of Mos Eisley spaceport. There the squad members have begun insinuating themselves into the spaceport’s less-than-savory society, ever vigilant for a chance to make contact with the rebellion.

Meanwhile, Sal Karne, an enterprising young recruit in the strengthening Rebel Alliance has arrived at the spaceport in order to make contact with a man named Kernes. This backwater sawbones represents Sal’s final step in his journey toward joining the Alliance as a trusted member.

What adventures await these heroes in this notorious “hive of scum and villainy”?

Stay tuned…


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