Zazzo din Kovash

Rodian freelance big game hunter, speeder salesman.


Name: Zazzo din Kovash

Character Type: Big Game Hunter
Species: Rodian
Sex: Male
Age: 25
Height: 2m


Thrown weapons
Vehicle blasters


Alien species
Planetary systems

Beast Riding
Ground vehicle operation
Hover vehicle operation
Jet pack operation
Repulsorlift operation
Space Transports
Swoop operation

Technical 2D
Blaster repair
First aid
Ground vehicle repair
Repulsorlift repair

Force Points 1
Force Sensitive? ___
Dark Side Points___
Character Points ___


Sporting blaster rifle (4D+1), sporting blaster pistol (3D+1), vibroblade (STR +3D), syntherope, water purification kit, macrobinoculars, medpac, survival kit, breather mask

Zazzo dresses in either worn spacer’s coveralls, or cargo pants, t-shirt and safari jacket. He has the Rodian equivalent of a beard, sporting spiney ‘hairs’ along his jaws. (He can occasionally be found trimming these with a utility knife.) Zazzo considers himself something of a gunslinger in training, so he is in the (sometimes irritating) habit of practicing his blaster draw whenever he has a chance, while lounging around in the ship’s galley for example.


Zazzo Din Kovash was orphaned as a child and raised by a former Imperial Stormtrooper. His father was Ronan Kovash, a decorated soldier with Imperial forces garrisoned on Rodia.

In order to curry favor with the political leadership, the Commandant of Imperial Forces on Rodia breveted Kovash’s company to the authority of the Rodian Protectorate. The Grand Protector Navik the Red wasted little time utilizing the well-armed troops now under his command to decimate his political and clan rivals. During one of these “purge-wars” against rival clan Tetsu, Ronan Kovash’s squad was ordered to raze the infant Zazzo’s village to the ground.

Upon arriving at the village, Kovash and his troops found only women, children and a few elders. After notifying the Protectorate of this fact, Kovash was ordered to terminate all members of the village as traitors to Rodian integrity. Kovash then stepped outside the chain of immediate command and contacted the Commandant’s office. He was told in no uncertain terms to follow the Protectorate’s orders to the letter. Kovash refused, shouldered his blaster rifle and stepped out of the line. The attack went on without him.

After the firing stopped the village lay in fiery ruin. Bodies of women and children lay sprawled about and the air was filled with the acrid smell of burning flesh.

Sickened by the massacre, Kovash wandered the ruins of the village. While doing so he heard a tiny mewling sound from beneath the blackened corpse of a female villager. Turning her body over he discovered the infant Zazzo clutched in her arms. Seeing in the child a chance at redemption, Kovash spirited the baby back to the garrison. While he awaited judgement for daring to question the orders of his superiors, Kovash was able to arrange for the child’s foster care with a Rodian member of the cleaning staff. And so Zazzo became the youngest member of the Din family.

Kovash provided the child with the name Zazzo – after a famed gunslinger in Rodian mythology. This connection with the fabled gunslinger would drive Zazzo’s obsession with blasters and with pathologically practicing his draw before any reflecting surface (often to the chagrin of his companions).

In the end, Ronan Kovash was severly reprimanded for disobeying orders (though he was spared execution because of the support of several sympathetic superiors), receiving a public lashing and dishonerable discharge from the Imperial Army. Without the financial means to leave Rodia – even if he and his family had wanted to, which they didn’t, having fallen in love with the culture during their time there – Ronan eventually carved out a living as a hunter and guide, ultimately gaining membership in the Goa-Ato, or Grand Protector’s Hunters’ guild, one of the only offworlders to do so in Rodian history.

Once he had established himself comfortably enough, Ronan came to the Dins and asked to have Zazzo, now a little over 2 years old, to raise as a Kovash. And so Ronan and his wife welcomed the infant Rodian into their household, along with two other Rodian war orphans and there own child Sinjin. Gathering his family, Ronan moved with them to the An’yettu Islands, where he made a living as a safari guide for Imperial tourists.

Unfortunately it was not long before Ronan’s past came back to haunt him. Navik the Red, turning his attention to the clan An’yettu, and eventually directed his Imperial cohort to attack the islands. Zazzo and his brother Sinjin were the only survivor’s of the attack on the Kovash farm.

Zazzo din Kovash

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